I am an Illustrator who focuses on hand made art over digital. Predominantly I create dry mediadrawings but my paintings have forced that to change. Often my work has beencalled primitive, or naïve. My art focuses on the relationship between comfort and discomfort indifferent social settings. I want to tell everything's story. But I need to know how they experiencethem first. This can range from changing context, proportion, style, and weight to fit the work. Ifocus on cognition primarily and how that fits with dis/comfort. The work has organic quality to itby nature and choice.

I was the youngest, and only son in a family of five in Tacoma, Washington. Heavyclouds always made it seem like twilight.
During my early yearsof school I payed little attention in music, and even smaller in art. All day I would day dreamabout beautiful scenes.
This was a breeding ground for imagination. The scarystories I would hear lingered longer in my mind more than others it seems.

I make this work by the sheer emotion I get during my thinking phase. The appropriatemedium and treatment is instantaneously thought of once I have the emotion. For example, theemotion of anger could not be rendered in a slow non dynamic fashion with watercolor in my ownopinion. The feeling of anger is a jolt response, and there is an inclination of taking immediateaction. I personally would want to record this action with dry media to preserve the energy andguarantee is wouldn't be fluid or graceful. This would be more linear or “sketchy” to reflect howsociety views the emotion of anger; quick, dirty, and explosive. To me, first hand experience is everything.